grok /grok/, var. /grohk/ vt.
From the novel "Stranger in a Strange Land", by R.A. Heinlein; a Martian word meaning literally `to drink' and metaphorically `to be one with'. The emphatic form is `grok in fullness'.
1. To understand, usually in a global sense. Connotes intimate and exhaustive knowledge.

Fusebox Resources
Fusebox Conference 2004 Presentation "Build Your First FB4 App"
FlagPoll Project Files - the site that started it all! - Fusebox etcetera
Fusebox IRC - chat with fellow Fuseboxers
Fusebox IRC Transcripts - Home of the Helms and Peters Out Loud podcast, FLiP Out, and Tales From the FLiPt

Hal Helms - Big Ideas
John Sisk - The Switch From Struts
Helms & Peters FLiP Out
Hal and Jeff Discuss Domain Models
I Grok The 'Box
So you wanna code ColdFusion, eh? You wanna build stuff like nobody can believe, and you want it to be Fuseboxed. This is the place to be. I offer a wide variety of CF and Fusebox-related tools, tips, links, and fun.
- Jeff ::blog::

Grok's Goodies - Fuseminder, Harness, and other tools of my invention.
Latest Addition: FBQuery2XML - Reuse your Fusebox queries in Ajax!
I used to have this Great Snippet - Those nifty little bits of code that make life so much easier. Space for CFML, CF UDFs, HTML, Javascript, JSP, and PHP
ColdFusion Resources
Adobe ColdFusion Exchange - (Formerly Macromedia ColdFusion Exchange, was Allaire Developers Exchange) Home to thousands of great custom tags.
ColdFusion Support Forums - Adobe's online help for CF
House of Fusion - Michael Dinowitz' CF resources and mail lists.
TeraTech's CF Page - one of the strong corporate supporters of CF.
CFUGs - Find one close to you!
Books on CF - Find it and buy it.

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