Grok's Goodies
  Name Description Version
DevNotes DevNotes - this version removes need for CFX_MAKE_TREE.dll (so this version can run in Linux); adds dateEntered field to Notes.and provides better support for MS SQL Server 0.60
FB3Calendar The original Fusebox application, by Joshua Cyr, updated to FB3. -
FB4Checklister Creates a project management checklist by applying an XSL stylesheet to all circuit.xml files in a Fusebox 4 app. 1.0
FBQuery2XML A wrapper to allow the use of Fusebox queries in Ajax applications. N/A
FileDependencies Reads the CF files in a directory tree and returns references to files in FORM, CFFORM, CFINCLUDE, CFLOCATE, CF_, and CFX_ tags; and Javascript location redirects. 1.20
FileExtensions A CF custom tag that returns all the file extensions used in a directory tree. 1.01
FLiP Roadmap A tri-fold brochure designed to promote the Fusebox Lifecycle Process N/A.
Fusedoc 2.0 Fusedoc 2.0 spec and DTD 1.0
Fusedoc VTM for CFStudio CF Studio extensions for Fusedoc. 1.01
Fusedoc2Struct Custom tag to convert a fuse's Fusedoc into a structure (pre-MX) or an XML object (MX) -
FusedocMiner Performs XSL transformations on Fusedocs in an application. Default stylesheet produces system documentation. Updated for BlueDragon 7 compatibility 1.1
Fuseminder Fuseminder automagically generates a Fusebox framework based on an outline file. Great for turning mind maps (a la Visual Mind or MindMapper+) into a site structure. Includes the highly sought-after Outline Text.vmx file. 1.1
Fuseminder Visual Mind Demo This is the Visual Mind map file used to generate the sample outlines in Fuseminder N/A
FuseminderFB4 FuseminderFB4 automagically generates a Fusebox 4 framework based on an outline file. Great for turning mind maps (a la Visual Mind or MindMapper+) into a site structure. 1.06
FuseminderPlus Fuseminder for Fusebox 3 1.02
Harness Harness recurses a directory tree and creates test harness files for files with properly constructed Fusedocs. 1.04
Harness2 Harness for Fusedoc 2.0 1.04
HarnessMX Test harness generator for Fusebox 4. Requires ColdFusion MX or BlueDragon 6.x. 1.06
MindFuser Mindfuser is the converse of Fuseminder. It reads a two-tier Fusebox application and generates an outline file. 1.0
OO for Procedural Thinkers Code samples from "OOP101 for Procedural Thinkers" at Frameworks Conference 2007 N/A
PetmarketFB The development process for the PetmarketFB application, captured in several directories of files. N/A
qsBlog A blogger demo Fusebox 3 circuit that uses Hal Helms' QuerySim tag to store data in text log files. Note: uses CFFILE; not intended for public internet exposure. -
strep Like grep, strep finds strings in files. Unlike grep, strep finds simple strings; it doesn't know regular expressions. 0.10
WebCatcher Visits and prints a list of URLs specified in a text file. You can use the command dir *.cfm > urlList.txt (Windows) or a file utility like Total Commander to create the listing file. Great for printing out Fusebox prototypes. N/A
Wireframe Tool 3.80 This is the version of the wireframe tool that is shown in many of my writings. Latest version is available at 3.80

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