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Snippet List for Javascript
Name of Snippet Contributor Description
Fusebox document location jeff@grokfusebox.com Javascript equivalent of CFLOCATE
Link that sets home page grok@veloxweb.com Click a link that sets whatever page as the users home page.
Back Button msaidi@ced-concord.com JS code for input type=button
Close Window Button msaidi@ced-concord.com JS Form Button to close a window
Confirmation Alert Box msaidi@ced-concord.com JS Alert used to confirm that the user wants to submit form
Basic Form Validation msaidi@ced-concord.com Function with validation for input type text, select, checkbox, and radio
Cross-browser DOM object access b@bombusbee.com I didn't write this, but it's really nice. Helps simplify cross-browser DHTML problems.
Textarea maxlength Joseph DeVore Set the max length of a TEXTAREA form field
Upload file checker bleroux@bodwellinternet.com check if form field contains somthing.
hideElement() matthew@cabbagetree.co.nz Hide all occurrences of a specified element on a page. Example: hideElement('select') . Useful for hiding select fields that show through dHTML menus.
showElement() matthew@cabbagetree.co.nz Show all occurrences of a specified element previously hidden with hideElement()
formFunctions dennis@gorillapolymedia.com Form Validation Functions
trim() b@bombusbee.com Does the same thing as trim() from CF, ASP, PHP, etc.
Dependent Dropdowns (getOptions function) mac@kwm.tm Use this to populate any dependent dropdown using previously created arrays of option values

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