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Snippet List for CFML
Name of Snippet Contributor Description
Show attributes jeff@grokfusebox.com Loop over the attributes collection
Copyright mike.wilson@TEAMtalk.com Display the current year in your copyright
PerfMonData kwilson@carolinapro.com Display NT/Win2K Performance Monitor Data
add column to table grok@veloxweb.com add a column to a table in a database
Create Trigger grok@veloxweb.com Create SQL Trigger for Inserted
Hash a String jeff@grokfusebox.com Sets up a variable and hashes it; cursor inserted in string ready to type.
FuseDoc 2.0 Header msaidi@ced-concord.com Empty header with all FuseDoc 2 Fields
FuseBox 3 Index and Fuseaction msaidi@ced-concord.com Code using self variable and FB3 XFA fuseaction, with urltoken
Alternating Row Colors msaidi@ced-concord.com Set alternate table rows in recordset to different colors
Drop column from table Joseph DeVore Delete a column in a table with SQL
Create Trigger Joseph DeVore Create a trigger that get's fired everytime you insert a new record
Create Table with CFQUERY Joseph DeVore Create a table on the fly using CFQUERY and SQL
Time adjust john@beynon.org.uk Adjust time at server by number of hours. attributes.timeadjust gets set in root fbx_settings.
Fusebox Breadcrumbs jeff@grokfusebox.com Put a breadcrumb trail in an FB3 application
Time Delay Loop theald@schoollink.net This is a loop to add a time delay to a page.
pathTo() kbeard2323@hotmail.com UDF for paths in FB3
carriage return code bleroux@bodwellinternet.com handy when dealing with cffile text operations. I never remember it.
HTML2Word jeff@grokfusebox.com Save HTML as Word or other file
websavecolors bph@bphdev.com Shows a table of so called websave colors with Hexadecimal values
FB3 index.cfm pmcelhaney@amcity.com Helps with debugging. See the comment in the snippet.
Get SQL Server list of tables for your current db theald@schoollink.net This will generate a list of all the tables in your specified DB on SQL Server
unlock database bleroux@bodwellinternet.com In those trying times of debugging when you need your file-based db. (Probably access)
cfoutput cox_stan@hotmail.com Cool way to do evaluations!
Dump a Query nat@fusium.com If you don't know the name of the columns, but want to output everything in it, use this snippet.
Output Folded TEXTAREA data bartee@enterpriseenergy.com This wraps around a varialbel containing data entered via a TEXTAREA. It will output the correct CR/LF (might be a little more efficient with Reg Exp )
Expire Page jeff@grokfusebox.com Sets page headers to prevent browser from caching the page.

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